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Abstract #1834

Quantitative Analysis for Optimizing the MRI Temperature Monitoring Using Keyhole Technique

Yong hee Han1, Kang soo Kim1, Dong Hyuk Kim1, Kwang sik Lee2, Jae Ryang Juhn3, Choong ki Eun3, Chi woong Mun1,4

1Bio medical engineering, Inje University, Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea, Republic of; 2Medical Image Science, Pusan Paik hospital, Korea, Republic of; 3Diagnostic of Radiology Medical School, Pusan Paik hospital, Korea, Republic of; 4Medical Image Research Center, Inje University, Korea, Republic of

This study proposes the keyhole method in order to improve the time resolution of the proton resonance frequency (PRF) MR temperature monitoring technique. To evaluate proposed method, the values of Root Mean Square (RMS) error were compared with full phase encoded temperature images. And the paired t-test was performed for optimization at Keyhole technique. As a result of this study, >32 encoded images were reasonable in 95% confidence level whereas <32 encoded images showed statistically significant difference.