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Abstract #1864

Two Channel Interventional Cervix Coil for High Dose Rate Brachytherapy

Nikolay Vladimirovic Viskusenko1, Emre Kopanoglu2, John Jezioranski3, Warren Foltz3, Oktay Algin4, Ergin Atalar2

1UMRAM: National Magnetic Resonance Research Center , Bilkent Universty Elektrical and Elektronic Engineering , Ankara , Turkey; 2UMRAM: National Magnetic Resonance Research Center, Bilkent Universty Elektrical and Elektronic Engineering, Ankara, Turkey; 3University Health Network, Toronto, Canada; 4Radiology, Ataturk Hospital, Ankara, Turkey

Determination of the diseased tissue region is very crucial for brachytherapy treatment. In this study, we propose a new 2-channel coil structure that is embedded on a commercially available HDRT applicator. After MRI imaging of the cervix, brachytherapy procedure can be carried out as normal without moving the applicator, which is essential for the correctness of radiation dose calculations. In-vivo animal experiments have been conducted and good quality images have been obtained.