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Abstract #1877

Customizable PLGA-Encapsulated Perfluorocarbon Particles for in Vivo 19F MRI

Mangala Srinivas1, Fernando Bonetto1, Luis Javier Cruz1, Arend Heerschap2, Carl Figdor1, I. J.M. de Vries1

1Tumor Immunology, NCMLS, Uni. Radboud, Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands; 2Radiology, Nijmegen Centre for Molecular Life Sciences

We present a novel agent for in vivo 19F MRI that is customizable in several parameters including diameter, lifetime, fluorocarbon content, particle charge and coating. The particles can also be covalently bound to targeting agents, dyes, drugs or other moieties, and are stable for long-term storage. We test the particles for labeling primary human dendritic cells for use in cell-based vaccine therapy. The particles can be adapted for use in various experimental systems, as well as clinical use.