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Abstract #1912

Apparent Diffusion Coefficient of Gd-Based Contast Agents Assessed in Vivo in the Rat Brain Using Dynamic T1 Mapping

Benjamin Marty1, Julien Flament1, Cline Giraudeau1, Caroline Robic2, Marc Port2, Franck Lethimonnier1, Fawzi Boumezbeur1, Julien Valette1, Denis Le Bihan1, Sbastien Mriaux1

1CEA/DSV/I2BM/Neurospin, Gif-Sur-Yvette, France; 2Research Division, Guerbet, Roissy-Charles de Gaulle, France

Gadolinium-based contrast agents (Gd-based CA) have been used for many years for various MRI applications including MR-based molecular imaging with targeted compounds. One of the most important factors to consider for brain applications is the diffusivity of these probes through the cerebral tissue to their target. This study proposes a methodology allowing quantification of Gd-based CA concentration by acquiring dynamic T1 maps. This approach has been applied to estimate in vivo in the rat brain the apparent diffusion coefficient of five compounds with different hydrodynamic diameters opening the way to a better understanding of diffusion mechanisms of supra-molecular imaging probes.