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Abstract #1974

31P and 1H MR Spectroscopic Studies on Changes of Cerebral Brain Metabolism Induced by Alcoholism and Detoxification

Ulrich Pilatus1, Joerg Magerkurth1, Nicole Schwan2, Tilmann Wetterling2, Barbara Schneider2

1Institute of Neuroradiology, University Hospital, Goethe-University, Frankfurt, Germany; 2Department of Psychiatry, University Hospital, Goethe-University

Cerebral metabolites at day 1 and day 7 of alcohol detoxification therapy were studied using 1H and 31P spectroscopic imaging. Particularly for prefrontal brain, metabolite concentrations correlated with the withdrawal syndrome. The results suggest that less severe symptoms support neuronal recovery while a less pronounced deviation from control values for energy or membrane related compounds is correlated with more severe symptoms.