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Abstract #1991

Quantitative MR at 3.0 T of Patients with Non-Symptomatic Localization-Related Epilepsy: Association with Generalized and Partial Seizures

Jacobus FA Jansen1, Marielle Vlooswijk2, H Majoie2, Paul Hofman2, Marc De Krom2, Albert Aldenkamp2, Walter H. Backes2

1Medical Physics, MSKCC, NY, United States; 2MUMC, Maastricht, Netherlands

Although cognitive dysfunction is a prevalent co-morbidity in patients with chronic epilepsy, it is not clear whether these patients display cerebral abnormalities that are related to the cognitive impairment that can be detected with in vivo magnetic resonance (MR) techniques. This report study aims to determine neuronal determinants of cognitive impairment in patients with chronic epilepsy. Quantitative MR, comprising T2 relaxometry, diffusion tensor imaging, and spectroscopic imaging, was applied to detect possible neuronal correlates in terms of micro-structural and metabolic abnormalities.