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Abstract #2008

Cross-Site Reproducibility of 1H-MRS

Irene Margaret Vavasour1, Cornelia Laule1, Burkhard Maedler2, Trudy Harris1, David K.B. Li1, Anthony L. Traboulsee3, Alex L. MacKay1

1Radiology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada; 2Physics and Astronomy, University of British Columbia; 3Medicine, Univeristy of British Columbia

Quantitative assessment of 1H-MRS metabolite concentrations has the potential to be an in-vivo marker for disease progression and treatment efficacy in pharmaceutical trials. The present study examines cross-site reproducibility of 1H-MRS metabolite concentrations measured on the same 5 people at 6 sites. Average percent differences of inter and intra-site reproducibility was <10% for n-acetyl-aspartate and myo-Inositol, <7% for creatine, <8% for choline and <21% for glutamate and glutamine. All percent differences between sites were of a similar magnitude increasing confidence in comparing results from across the sites.