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Abstract #2019

An Optimized, 3D, High-Resolution MR Imaging Protocol to Study In-Utero Gyrification and Myelination of the Brain of Non-Human Primate.

Peter Kochunov1, David Purdy2, Duff Davis1

1Reseach Imaging Institute, UTHSCSA, san antonio, TX, United States; 2Siemens Healthcare USA, Malvern, PA , United States

Because non-human primates (NHPs) and humans share a highly orchestrated pattern of cerebral development, imaging of fetal brain maturation in NHPs provides an excellent opportunity to validate theories regarding gyrification of the cortex. Compared to human studies, structural imaging in NHPs is challenging because of the small brain size, and spatial sampling comparable to human studies (~1.0 mm3) requires brain-size-adjusted sampling volumes of ~150 microns3. Longitudinal studies of in utero NHP brain were accomplished with a true FISP isotropic 3D protocol having superior signal-to-noise ratio, low SAR, and good contrast among gray matter, white matter, CSF, and amniotic fluid.