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Abstract #2054

Susceptibility-Weighted Imaging in Pediatric Epilepsy

Masahiro Ida1, Hisashi Yoshizawa1, Shunsuke Sugawara1, Yuko Kubo1, Keiko Hino1, Naoya Yorozu1

1Department of Radiology, Tokyo Metropolitan Ebara Hospital, Tokyo, Japan

Susceptibility-weighted imaging (SWI) exploits phase shift itself to enhance contrast caused by the susceptibility differences between tissues. SWI provides high-spatial resolution, blood-oxygen-dependent contrast without requiring contrast media. We present two pediatric patients who showed prominent cortical veins with marked hypointensity on SWI in the acute stage after onset of generalized seizure. SWI findings reflect transient misery perfusion secondary to hyperexcitation in status epilpticus. SWI directly detect impaired oxygen metabolism caused by increased oxygen demand of the cerebral tissue in pediatric patients with epileptic seizures. SWI has the possibility to diagnose acute postictal encephalopathy, before cytotoxic edema occurs on DWI.