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Abstract #2096

Regional Gray Matter Volumes Changes in Relapsing-Remitting and Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis a Longitudinal Comparative Voxel-Based Morphometry Study

Kerstin Bendfeldt1, Louis Hofstetter, Pascal Kuster, Stefan Traud, Nicole Mller-Lenke, Yvonne Naegelin, Ludwig Kappos, Achim Gass, Thomas E. Nichols2, Frederik Barkhof3, Stephan Roosendaal3, Jeroen Geurts3, Hugo Vrenken3, Ernst-Wilhelm Radue, Stefan J. Borgwardt4

1University Hospital Basel, Basel, Basel-Stadt, Switzerland; 2University of Warwick; 3University of Amsterdam; 4Medical Image Analysis Centre, University Hospital Basel, Basel, Basel-Stadt, Switzerland

We used optimized voxel-based morphometry to study similarities and differences of regional gray matter volume development in relapsing remitting and secondary progressive MS. Although regional gray matter volume measures reveal areas of significant gray matter volume loss in RRMS, the results from this study suggest, that there is no marked acceleration in the progressive phase of the disease. This implies that the more pronounced impact of gray matter pathology in the secondary progressive phase is a result of longer linear accrual of such damage, rather than a phase-specific acceleration.