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Abstract #2135

Hybrid Diffusion Imaging in a Spinal Cord Model of Dysmyelination

A P. Hosseinbor1, I D. Duncan2, A L. Alexander, A A. Samsonov3, Y-C Wu4, S A. Hurley, R A. Fisher, A S. Field3

1Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, United States; 2Medical Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison; 3Radiology, University of Wisconsin-Madison; 4Dartmouth College

The shaking pup (shp) is a canine mutant model of dysmyelination, and suffers from severe myelin deficiency. In a previous study of shp brain, Po was shown to differentiate between a control and diseased pup with respect to myelin content. In this study, WM integrity is examined in the spinal cord of shp using both DTI and DSI measurements acquired from a HYDI approach. Standard DTI measures and Po are compared to see if one or both are sensitive to changes in myelin content between shp and control, as well as to more subtle differences between two diseased pups.