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Abstract #2225

Is There a Relationship Between M1 Cortex Activation and Upper Extremity Motor Characteristics During Acute Stage After Stroke?

Urska Puh1, Andrej Vovk2, Igor Sera3, Dusan Suput4

1University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ljubljana, Slovenia; 2Pathophysiology, Univ. of Ljubljana Faculty of Medicine, Ljubljana, Slovenia; 3Institut Jozef Stefan, Slovenia; 4Pathophysiology, Univ. of Ljubljana Faculty of Medicine, Slovenia

12 patients with partially impaired function of one upper extremity 2-8 days after first ischemic stroke participated in the study. A 1.5 T scanner was used for brain fMRI during upper extremity functional tasks in the first and third week and 3 months after the stroke. Muscle strength and dexterity of the HPE were measured concomitantly. Spearman correlation coefficient was calculated to compare the M1 activation of each brain hemisphere and the motor characteristics of the HPE. Recovery of HPE function correlated well with the intensity and/or area of M1 cortex activation mainly in the ipsilesional hemisphere.