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Abstract #2240

Magnetic Resonance Imaging as an In-Vivo Tool for Evaluating Efficacy of Brain Edema Prevention Therapy in a Rat Stroke Model

Denise C. Welsh1, Andrew Danziger2, Theodore Detwiler2, Hillary Regan2, Joseph J. Lynch2, Christopher P. Regan2, Donald S. Williams1, Alexandre Coimbra1

1Imaging, Merck, West Point, Pa, United States; 2Central Pharmacology, Merck, West Point, Pa, United States

While numerous studies have used MRI techniques for studying stroke pathology, there has been limited use of MR parameters as in vivo markers of novel treatment efficacy. Here, Gd-enhanced T1-w and T2-w MR data were used to verify the efficacy of pre- and post-infarct treatment with a novel KDR kinase inhibitor (KDRi) known to reduce vascular permeability and therefore, BBB leakage. In line with previously published ex-vivo data (1), in-vivo MRI results suggest efficacy of KDRi treatment in reducing BBB leakage and edema formation, as indicated by tissue water content.