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Abstract #2276

Short-Term Learning Induced Plasticity Visualized with Diffusion MRI

shimrit Tzur-Moryosef1, tamar Blumenfeld-Katzir2

1tel aviv university, tel aviv, Israel; 2neurobiology, tel aviv university, tel aviv, Israel

Plasticity in the adult brain following learning procedure is commonly attributed to functional plasticity and restricted to the hippocampus. This study we utilize Magnetic diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) in order to characterize microstructural plasticity induced by short-term learning paradigm. Analyses were done by ADC and FA parameters in order to characterize both white and gray matter changes. Rats were scanned before and one day after a one-day version of the Morris water maze task. Paired t-test comparisons demonstrate FA increase in the cingulum bundle and FA and ADC decrease in striatum-related gray matter, motor and sesorimotor cortex.