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Abstract #2277

Investigation of Tissue Plasticity Following Low-Dose Amphetamine Treatment in Transient Ischemic Rat Stroke Model Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging

Hua-Shan Liu1, Hui Shen1, Hanbing Lu1, Jenny Chou1, April P. Zhu1, William Rea1, Yun Wang1, Yihong Yang1

1National Institute on Drug Abuse, Baltimore, MD, United States

There is considerable evidence to suggest that amphetamine can improve functional outcome in animal model of stroke, which is involved in the mechanisms of induced axonal growth and reinnervation of brain tissues. In this study we used DTI to assess changes in perilesional tissue integrity after amphetamine treatment in a rat stroke model. We found that FA showed a significantly higher increase under the influence of amphetamine after 25 days.