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Abstract #2357

Abnormalities in the Visual Pathway of Rats Subjected to Early Bilateral Enucleation Revealed by Diffusion Tensor Imaging

Xuxia Wang1, Fuchun Lin1, Tingzhu Lin1, Hao Lei1

1Wuhan Institute of Physics & Mathematics, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan, Hubei, China

In this study, diffusion tensor imaging and high resolution rapid-acquisition relaxation-enhancement (RARE) imaging were used to detect the morphological and structural changes in the brain of rats subjected to early bilateral enucleation at postnatal day 4. Profound atrophy was observed in the ON and OCH of the enucleated rats, likely a manifestation of transneuronal degeneration induced by deafferentation. The optic tract of the enucleated rats did not appear to be atrophic, but exhibited water diffusion abnormalities resembling those found in Wallerian degeneration. The primary visual cortex of the enucleated rats showed no changes in water diffusivity.