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Abstract #2375

Evaluation of Inflammatory Process in Parkinson's Disease Model: Magnetization Transfer Image Histogram Parameter and 1H Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Moon-Hyun Yoon1, Hyun-Jin Kim2, Jin-Yeung Jang2, Bo-Young Choe1

1Biomedical Engineering, Medical College, The Catholic Univ. of Korea, Seoul, Metro of Seoul, Korea, Republic of; 2Lee Gil Ya Cancer and Diabetes Institute, GACHON University of medicine and Science, Seoul, Korea, Republic of

We found that inflammatory process was significantly associated with the highest peak height value of MTR histogram in the striatum and the SN. A possible explanation for this could be the early phase of the influence of specific neurotransmitters on the mean MTR values. The higher peak height of the MTR histogram in the striatum and SN was significantly associated with higher Glx/Cr ratios after MPTP intoxication suggesting neuronal dysfunction. The pathological studies in PD model clearly demonstrate the presence of disseminated activated microglial-like inflammatory cells in the central nervous system.