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Abstract #2500

Towards a Microspectroscopy Catheter for Early-Stage Breast Cancer Detection

Debra Strick Rivera1, Jack W. Judy2, W Gilbert Clarke2, Dixie J. Mills3, Allen C. Chu2, Mark S. Cohen2

1Neurophysics, Max Planck Institute, Leipzig, Saxony, Germany; 2University of California, Los Angeles; 3Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation

Early-detection of breast cancer is unreliable, and of increased importance due to encouraging results of intraductal application of chemotherapy. We present a prototype radio-frequency transceiver for intraductal microspectroscopy, including soak-tests and heating studies. We demonstrate that the microcoil prototype is capable of resolving fat and water spectra in a sample with 5000-fold fewer spins than a state of the art matrix coil.