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Abstract #2511

Feasibility of Using Linear Combination SSFP for Lung MRI at 3 T

Atiyah Yahya1,2, Keith Wachowicz1,2, B. Gino Fallone1,2

1Department of Medical Physics, Cross Cancer Institute, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; 2Department of Oncology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

MRI of the lungs is challenging because of the low proton density and because of the large number of air-tissue interfaces which create susceptibility gradients. Lung MRI has shown to be feasible at 3 T using the HASTE sequence with parallel imaging. In this work we examine the feasibility of applying Linear Combination SSFP (LCSSFP) for lung MRI at 3 T. Experiments were conducted on a normal volunteer and lung images were acquired with both HASTE and LCSSFP. The images acquired with LCSSFP were clearer and did not suffer from blurring compared to the HASTE images.