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Abstract #2550

The Effect of Locally Administered Glucocorticoid Budesonide on Ovalbumin Exposed Rats Assessed by HP 3He MRI

Jelena Pesic1, Frank Risse1, Simon Young2, Jim Britt2, Ignacio Rodriguez3, Lars E. Olsson1

1DECS Imaging and Antibodies, AstraZeneca R&D, Mlndal, Sweden; 2Bioscience, AstraZeneca R&D, Charnwood, United Kingdom; 3Instituto de Estudios Biofuncionales, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain

HP 3He ADC imaging was used to assess the effect of a glucocorticoid budesonide on inflammation in ovalbumin challenged rats. Four groups of animals were investigated: controls, vehicle treated, low and high dose budesonide treated. The ADC was significantly smaller in the vehicle group, indicating reduced airspace in the alveoli, possibly due to plasma leakage into the alveoli. Treatment with budesonide decreased inflammation as shown by significantly reduced eosinophil counts and higher ADC values than in the vehicle group.