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Abstract #2628

Effects of a High-Fat Diet on Multiple Organ Systems in Mice: A MRI and MRS Study

Sabrina Doblas1, Philippe Garteiser1, Joanna DeMoe1, Tim Griffin1, Luke Szweda1, Rheal Towner1

1Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, Oklahoma City, OK, United States

Magnetic resonance imaging is an in vivo imaging technique well adapted to measure and localize body fat contents and study obesity. Twenty-week old mice fed a high-fat or a normal diet were assessed on a 7 Tesla MRI system. Whole body, cardiac and knee joint images as well as cardiac 1H spectra were obtained and processed to assess the effects of a high-fat diet on adipose tissue distribution, joint damage and cardiac function. Fat mice had larger hearts, larger knee fat pads and fatter cardiac tissue than the lean animals.