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Abstract #2646

Continuously Moving Table Whole-Body MRI Using Variable Field of View

Robert L. Janiczek1,2, Jonathan W. Howard2, Giulio Gambarota2, John S. Thornton1, Xavier Golay1, Rexford D. Newbould2

1Institute of Neurology, University College London, London, United Kingdom; 2GSK Clinical Imaging Centre, London, United Kingdom

Continuously moving table (CMT) acquisitions have been proposed whereby data are collected in a hybrid space as the patient moves through the scanner. In CMT acquisitions the table velocity and therefore scan duration is proportional to the in-plane FOV. This work investigates the use of varying the FOV as a function of patient position in order to reduce scan time. A low-resolution scout scan is used to design a k-space sampling pattern that matches the minimal FOV requirement. The use of a variable FOV CMT acquisition is shown to reduce scan time by 32% over a conventional constant FOV design.