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Abstract #2660

Validation of Automated Motion Assesment in the Abdomen

Andre M. Sprengers1, Aart J. Nederveen2, Rolf M. Lamerichs3, Jaap Stoker2

1Radiology, AMC , Amsterdam, Netherlands; 2Radiology, AMC, Amsterdam, Netherlands; 3Research, Philips, Eindhoven, Netherlands

The assessment of small bowel motility is a difficult task because of its complex nature. SPAMM or SPatial Modulation of the Magnetization is a strong candidate for a minimally invasive, observer independent method of motion assessment. The SPAMM method uses a prepulse to impose a lineshaped pattern on the magnetization. Upon readout, this pattern is distorted as a result of tissue motion between prepulse and readout. Originally developed for cardiac imaging, the SPAMM sequence was reconfigured for nonperiodic motion. The novel SPAMM technique was validated by focussing on the heartmotion, breathing motion and small bowel motility.