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Abstract #2713

In Vivo Delivery of Liposomal Encapsulated Survivin SiRNA Leads to a Reduction in Tumour Growth Rate

Gavin David Kenny1, Tammy Louise Kalber1, Nazila Kamaly1,2, Leigh Pauline Brody1, Andrew David Miller2, Jimmy David Bell1

1Metabolic and Molecular Imaging Group, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom; 2Genetic Therapies Centre, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom

Survivin is a gene upregulated in the majority of cancers, but not expressed in normal tissue and is therefore a possible target for tumour therapy. In this study siRNA targeted to Survivin was encapsulated in to liposomes and the delivery to the tumour monitored using MRI and corroborated by fluorescence microscopy. The Survivin siRNA delivered by the liposomes significantly reduced the growth rate of the tumours for at least 72 hours when compared to a control siRNA and therefore could potentially be used as a cancer therapy.