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Abstract #2736

A Method to Estimate Sample Sizes for DCE-MRI-Based Studies of Heterogeneous Tumors

Chris James Rose1,2, James P. O'Connor1,2, Caleb Roberts1,2, Gio A. Buonaccorsi1,2, Yvon Watson1,2, Sue Cheung1,2, Gordon Jayson3, Geoff J. Parker1,2

1Imaging Science and Biomedical Engineering, The University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom; 2The University of Manchester Biomedical Imaging Institute, Manchester, United Kingdom; 3Cancer Research UK and University of Manchester Department of Medical Oncology, The Christie Hospital, Manchester, United Kingdom

DCE-MRI is of great utility for studying tumor microvasculature, particularly in early phase clinical trials. Most analysis methods assume homogeneous tumors, which is often incorrect and a problem when planning trials, because the magnitude of effect observed using DCE-MRI will be attenuated, for example, by contributions from necrotic tissue. By simulating maps of Ktransusing a model of tumor heterogeneity, we present a method to estimate the distribution of required sample size. We illustrate the methods application using data from a trial of bevacizumab in CRC metastases and show that by considering heterogeneity, more powerful studies can be planned.