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Abstract #2748

Phase Contrast Velocity Imaging Using Compressed Sensing

Daniel J. Holland1, Dmitry M. Malioutov2, Andrew Blake2, Lynn F. Gladden1, Andrew J. Sederman1

1Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom; 2Microsoft Research Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom

This work describes a method for accelerating the acquisition of phase-encoded velocity images using compressed sensing. Results are shown for both experimental and simulated measurements of liquid and gas flow through a model porous material. Using this approach, acceleration factors for Cartesian data of between 2 and 5 are achieved with minimal reconstruction error. By combining this reconstruction algorithm with a variable density spiral acquisition, a full order of magnitude decrease in imaging time is achieved. This approach is applicable to MR angiography and perfusion studies in clinical MRI and to other phase imaging techniques.