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Abstract #2786

13C HR MAS MRS Reveals Differences in the Glucose Metabolism Between Two Breast Cancer Xenograft Models with Different Gene Expression Pattern

Maria Tunset Grinde1, Siver Andreas Moestue1, ystein Risa1, Olav Engebraaten2, Ingrid Susann Gribbestad1

1Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway; 2Department of Tumor Biology, Cancer Research Institute, Oslo University Hospital, Oslo, Norway

13C HR MAS MR spectroscopy has been used to study two breast cancer xenograft models, representing a human luminal-like and a basal-like genetic profile. The models received a bolus injection of [1-13C]glucose and the conversion from glucose to lactate and alanine was observed 10 or 15 minutes after. The luminal-like model showed a significantly lower ratio of glucose/alanine and glucose/lactate compared to the basal-like model. This can be explained by a lower uptake of glucose and/or a higher rate of glucose metabolism towards alanine and lactate in the luminal-like compared to the basal-like model.