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Abstract #2790

Comparative Analysis of Gd Vs Dy in DSC-MRI Studies of a High Grade Glioma Murine Model

Roco Prez-Carro1, Jess Pacheco-Torres1, Sebastin Cerdn1, Pilar Lopez-Larrubia1

1Insituto de Investigaciones Biomedicas, CSIC/UAM, Madrid, Spain

Gd(III) is the lanthanide ion more widely used as longitudinal relaxation enhancer due to its long electronic relaxation time. Stable Gd complexes are the T1 contrast agents more used for MRI studies. Other paramagnetic lanthanides as Dy(III) are also employed as contrast agents in dynamic susceptibility contrast MRI. We used both Gd and Dy containing chelates in perfusion studies to yield parametric maps (CBF, CBV and MTT) in a high grade glioma rat model. The goal is to establish an optimal method to delimit and characterize brain regions in the murine model to test the effectiveness of antiangiogenic therapies.