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Abstract #2815

Early Quantititative T1 and T2 Response of the Prostate Gland During Radiotherapy

Warren Foltz1, Andy Wu1, Anna Kirilova1, Peter Chung1, Andrew Bayley1, Charles Catton1, David Jaffray1, Masoom Haider2, Cynthia Mnard1

1Radiation Medicine Program, Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 2Medical Imaging, University Health Network, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Magnetization-prepared spiral imaging techniques were adapted for quantitative T2 and T1 characterization of early radiation response in patients with low/intermediate risk of localized cancer throughout 8-weeks of radiotherapy. Early central gland T2 elevation preceded persistent tumor T2 elevation, and late reduction in peripheral zone T2; observations which support a known loss of contrast in diagnostic images, and a complementary role for T2 in ADC and DCE radiation response evaluation. Zonal and tumor T1 measures were insensitive to radiotherapy. However, considerable inter-patient but minor intra-patient T1 heterogeneities support a sufficiency of baseline T1 scanning for serial quantitative perfusion analysis during radiotherapy.