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Abstract #2841

Image Inhomogeneity Correction in Human Brain at High Field by B1+ and B1- Maps

Hidehiro Watanabe1, Nobuhiro Takaya1, Fumiyuki Mitsumori1

1Environmental Chemistry Division, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan

We propose a correction method of image inhomogeneity at high field. The inhomogeneity is originated from B1- and measurable B1+. We confirmed that a ratio map of B1- to B1+ (ρ) has a similar spatial pattern throughout human various brains from experimental results. The ratio map ρ in human brain was calculated from B1+ maps and images obtained with adiabatic pulses. Then, B1- was calculated by ρ B1+. Homogeneous intensity was achieved in the corrected images by B1+ and B1-. Water fractions in gray and white matters obtained from corrected M0 image were in good agreement with reported values.