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Abstract #2842

Signal to Noise Ratio Analysis of Bloch-Siegert B1+ Mapping

Mohammad Mehdi Khalighi1, Laura I. Sacolick2, Brian K. Rutt3

1Applied Science Lab, GE Healthcare, Menlo Park, CA, United States; 2Imaging Technologies Lab, General Electric Global Research, Garching b. Munchen, Germany; 3Department of Radiology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA

The Bloch-Siegert method (BS) has been recently introduced as a fast, robust and accurate method for B1+ mapping. To compare it with other existing methods, we derived analytical expressions for SNR in BS, Actual Flip Angle Imaging (AFI) and Double Angle (DA) B1+ maps. Both theoretical and experimental comparisons show that the BS method has a higher SNR at low flip angles than the other methods, despite the shorter scan time of the BS method, making it a promising choice for B1+ mapping for parallel transmit pulse design, especially in situations where there is highly non-uniform B1+ across the object.