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Abstract #2861

B1 Insensitive MLEV-4 Pulse Sequence for T2-Prep

Mitsuharu Miyoshi1, Naoyoki Takei1, Masaaki Akahane2, Yasushi Watanabe3, Tetsuji Tsukamoto1

1Japan Applied Science Laboratory, GE Healthcare Japan, Hino, Tokyo, Japan; 2Radiology, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan; 3Radiological Technology, University of Tokyo Hospital, Tokyo, Japan

T2-prep is important for cardiovascular applications. However, because of B1 inhomogeneity on 3T, inhomogeneous signal loss occurs. T2-prep often uses MLEV-4 type sequence. In this study, B1 insensitive MLEV-4 type preparation pulse was designed and B1 and flow sensitivity were measured. Flip angle of MLEV-4 sequence was modified to (90x,140y,-200y,-140y,200y,-90x). Because at least two of the refocus pulses became near to 180 degree between -20% and +40% of delta B1, magnetizations were refocused correctly and became insensitive to B1 inhomogeneity. This preparation pulse suppressed flow signal and can also be used as flow saturation preparation pulse.