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Abstract #2889

Zoomed GRAPPA (ZOOPPA) for Functional MRI

Robin Martin Heidemann1, Dimo Ivanov1, Robert Trampel1, Fabrizio Fasano2, Josef Pfeuffer3, Robert Turner1

1Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany; 2Fondazione Santa Lucia, Rome, Italy; 3Siemens Healthcare Sector, Erlangen, Germany

The increased SNR of ultra-high field MR scanners permits improved resolution of fMRI acquisitions. Unfortunately, both high field and high resolution amplify artifacts such as geometric distortions and blurring. Parallel imaging and zoomed imaging can each mitigate these effects. However, highly accelerated parallel imaging is affected by residual artifacts, while excessive zooming sacrifices spatial coverage. A robust combination of both methods is optimized here (Zoomed imaging with GRAPPA - ZOOPPA) to provide high quality single-shot EPI human brain images with reasonable coverage and an isotropic resolution of 0.65 mm.