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Abstract #2890

Conjugate Gradient PINOT Reconstruction with a Fast Initial Estimate

Lei Hou Hamilton1, Benjamin Russell Hamilton1, David Moratal2, Senthil Ramamurthy3, Marijn Brummer3

1School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, United States; 2Universitat Politcnica de Valncia, Valncia, Spain; 3Emory University, United States

PINOT (Parallel Imaging and NOquist in Tandem), a fast imaging method combining SPACE-RIP and Noquist, favorably preserves edge detail at a cost of increased SNR. PINOT involves a large matrix inversion for each read-out coordinate to combine data from all frames and coils. We use iterative conjugate gradient (CG) to reduce this computational burden. An initial estimate based on the projection matrixs structure allows CG-PINOT to converge quickly. We simulate this CG-initiated PINOT (CGi-PINOT) with phantom and in vivo studies, showing it provides better reconstructed image quality with an order of magnitude less time than direct inversion PINOT.