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Abstract #2909

Lipid Suppresion Using Spectral Editing of Fast Spin Echo Trains

Andrew J. Wheaton1, James B. Murdoch1, Robert Anderson1

1Toshiba Medical Research Inst. USA, Mayfield, OH, United States

The REFUSAL [REFocusing Used to Selectively Attenuate Lipids] technique incorporates a spectrally-selective editing pulse in the position of the first refocus pulse of an rf echo train. By fully refocusing water and while minimally refocusing lipid resonances, fat signal is refused from evolving in the rf echo train. The phase-modulated REFUSAL pulse is designed for B1-robustness with a sharp transition between fat and water for good δB0-insensitivity. REFUSAL produces images with uniform, T1-insensitive fat suppression over a wide range of B1.