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Abstract #2910

PASTA++: B1- And T1-Robust Fat Suppression at 3T

Andrew J. Wheaton1, Robert Anderson1

1Toshiba Medical Research Inst. USA, Mayfield, OH, United States

PASTA uses a combination of low rf excitation bandwidth and alternate excitation and refocus slice selection gradient polarities to remove fat signal via chemical shift. PASTA++ is an improved version of PASTA designed for 3T. Using 3T-tailored rf pulse choices and irregular echo spacing, PASTA++ can be included in an fast spin-echo readout with short echo spacing. PASTA++ delivers high SNR images with uniform fat suppression even in the presence of B0 inhomogeneity. Since PASTA++ does not use a prepulse, it delivers fat suppression immune to B1- and T1-variation without increasing SAR.