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Abstract #3011

Adiabatic Magnetization Preparation Pulse for T2-Contrast at 7 Tesla

Priti Balchandani1, Daniel Spielman1

1Radiology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, United States

T2-weighted sequences such as Fast Spin Echo are highly susceptible to the B1-inhomogeneity and are SAR-intensive at 7T. We present an alternative method to obtain T2-contrast at 7T which utilizes an adiabatic magnetization preparation (AMP) pulse. The AMP pulse is a 0 BIR-4 pulse with delays inserted between segments to introduce T2-decay. Phantom and in vivo experiments show that the AMP pulse provides more uniform SNR and T2-contrast over the excited slice. The AMP pulse is suitable for use in a volumetric fast gradient echo sequence.