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Abstract #3012

Comparison of Reduced FOV Techniques for High Resolution Imaging at 7T

Christopher Joseph Wargo1, Marcin Jankiewicz1, John C. Gore1

1Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Science, Nashville, TN, United States

High-resolution MR imaging benefits from ultra-high field strength such as at 7T due to improvement in signal, but requires acquisition of a large number of voxels. This increases the scan duration, and thus field and time dependent artifacts, and reduces temporal resolution for functional studies. Reduction of the FOV enables scan times to be shortened, but introduces tradeoffs between SNR, scan efficiency, SAR, and image artifacts. In this abstract, we compare a subset of selective excitation approaches including STEAM, PRESS, OVS, and spectral spatial pulses, for reduced-FOV resolution improvement in phantoms using a human 7T system.