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Abstract #3142

Comparison of Normalized DTI Analytical Methods II: Detection Powers of Voxel-Based, Atlas Based, and Sub-Atlas Based Analysis

KOJI SAKAI1, Susumu Mori2, Kenichi Oishi2, Andreia Faria2, Naozo Sugimoto

1Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan; 2Johns Hopkins University

The VBA is one of the most effectual assessment methods of the entire white matter of brain. However, the VBA often suffers from high false discovery rate which caused by embedded noise in voxels and imperfect registration. On the other hand, 3D whole brain WM atlas (ABA: atlas-based analysis) was proposed to achieve statistical power on the examination of the WM analysis. We also have proposed alternative way to analyse WM by sub-atlas based analysis (SBA). In this paper, we attempted to ascertain the statistical detection power and the features of VBA, ABA, and SBA.