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Abstract #3172

ACRIN-PA 4001: Reproducibility of Cartilage MRI Biomarkers in a Multi-Center Trial

Timothy John Mosher1, Zheng Zhang2, Ravinder Reddy3, Sanna Boudhar4, Barton Milestone5, William Morrison6, Kenneth Kwoh7, Felix Eckstein8, Walter Witschey3, Ari Borthakur3, Cynthia Olson4

1Radiology, Penn State University, Hershey, PA, United States; 2Brown University; 3University of Pennsylvania; 4ACRIN; 5Fox Chase Cancer Center; 6Thomas Jefferson University; 7University of Pittsburgh; 8Paracelsus Private Medical University

Reproducibility of morphometric, T1rho, and T2 cartilage biomarkers was evaluated in a multi-site, multi vendor clinical trial. 53 subjects were evaluated during 4 separate MRI sessions to calculate intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC). MRI measurements of cartilage morphometry are highly reproducible in a multi-center/multi-vendor trial. Subregional T1rho analysis has poor reproducibility. Improved reliability is obtained when T1rho analysis is performed using data obtained using the full thickness of the cartilage, allowing analysis at the level of the cartilage plate. Cartilage T2 mapping is sufficiently reproducible to allow for subregional analysis based on depth from articular surface.