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Abstract #3180

Infrastructure of Menisci with Mr Imaging

Patrick Omoumi1, Graeme Bydder1, Richard M. Znamirowski1, Jiang Du1, Sheronda S. Statum1, Christine B. Chung1

1University of California, San Diego, San Diego, CA, United States

The non-invasive MR imaging analysis of meniscal infrastructure has not yet been described due to the relatively short T2 properties of this tissue, resulting in lack of signal and contrast with conventional MR techniques. This infrastructure includes 5 different fiber orientations (circumferential, radial, tie, vertical and lamella fibers). Four functional and anatomical zones are also distinguished within meniscal substance: a central fibrocartilaginous portion, a peripheral fibrous portion, a central vascular white zone, and a peripheral vascularized red zone. We show that with the appropriate coil and parameters, MR imaging can show this on a clinical 3T scanner.