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Abstract #3184

Validation of Chevron-Like Deformations of Collagen Fiber Network in Articular Cartilage by Means of Load-Bearing MRI

Nikita Garnov1,2, Wilfried Grnder2

1Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Leipzig University Hospital, Leipzig, Germany; 2Institute of Medical Physics and Biophysics, Leipzig University, Leipzig, Germany

Deformations of collagen matrix in compressed articular cartilage have been well assessed by various microscopic studies. A crimping and a bending of collagen fibres were observed. However, the deformation behavior seems to be different in health compared to arthritic-altered cartilage because of destruction of the strain-limiting tangential layer. In particular, a chevron-type shear discontinuity in the samples with an intact surface layer was observed. In the present work we evaluated the pressure-dependent changes of collagen fiber orientation on the basis of T2-weighted MR images. In healthy sheep cartilage samples the chevron-like deformations were observed, indicating an intact articular surface.