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Abstract #3221

Initial T1 Measurements of the Human Achilles Tendon Using UTE Imaging at 3 T

Peter Jonathan Wright1, Richard Hodgson2, Robert Evans1, Carole Burnett1, Matthew Robson3

1LMBRU, Leeds NHS, Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom; 2University of Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom; 3University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom

Conventional MRI of the Achilles tendon is limited by its short T2. UTE imaging allows the tissues to be directly visualised, allowing quantification of tendon MR properties. In this study the feasibility of T1 measurement using UTE saturation-recovery imaging was investigated. A UTE saturation-recovery sequence was implemented with clinically acceptable acquisition times and validated against phantoms. It was tested in the ankle of 6 healthy volunteers. Results for fat were comparable with known in vivo values while those for the Achilles tendon were higher than reported post mortem values. This technique may be useful for quantifying Achilles tendonopathy.