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Abstract #3238

1H-MRS to Evaluate Intramuscular Lipid Changes in HIV-Patients with Lipodystrophy Syndrome by LCmodel

Ana Isabel Garcia1, Ana Milinkovic2, Iaki Perez3, Xavier Tomas, Sergi Vidal-Sicart4, Carles Falcon5, Jaume Pomes, Montserrat Del Amo, Josep Mallolas2

1Radiology, Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, Spain; 2Infections and Immunology, Hospital Clinic; 3Infections and Immunology. Statistical, Hospital Clinic; 4Nuclear medicine, Hospital Clinic; 5IDIBAPS, Hospital Clinic

1H-MR spectroscopy was performed to assess intramyocelullar lipids (IMCL) in a group of HIV-patients with lipodystrophy syndrome receiving stable antiretroviral therapy and their changes 6 months after switching the treatment. HIV-patients at baseline revealed higher IMCL than controls, although no significant. Statistical analysis revealed a significant reversal of peripheral lipoatrophy with decreased of the lean mass after switching the treatment, and it was related with IMCL decreased, although no significant. A probable migration of lipid content from intramyocellular to periphery can explain partially the peripheral fat gain and loss of peripheral lean mass, although other factors may participate.