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Abstract #3241

Evaluation of the Skeletal Muscle Morphological Transformation by Stress

Junichi Hata1, Kazuo Yagi1, Keigo Hikishima2, Yuji Komaki2, Keiichi Yano3, Kyouhito Iida3, Kazuo Mima3, Kuni Ohtomo3

1Dept. of Radiological Science, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Arakawa, Tokyo, Japan; 2Central Institute for experimental Animals, Kanagawa, Japan; 3Dept. of Radiological Technology, University of Tokyo Hospital, Bunkyou, Tokyo, Japan

The focus was put on diffusion anisotropy obtained by Diffusion Tensor Imaging: DTI in this research, and it searched for the relation to skeletal muscle morphological transformation by stress. This research added stress to the thigh lower skeletal muscle. The change in muscle cell structure by stress was evaluated by water diffusion anisotropy. The relation between the skeletal muscle cell structure and diffusion anisotropy was shown by this research. And, the possibility of this structure analysis by this method was suggested.