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Abstract #3297

Magnetic Field Generation for Multi-Dimensional Single-Sided Magnetic Particle Imaging

Timo Frederik Sattel1, Sven Biederer1, Tobias Knopp1, Thorsten M. Buzug1

1Institute of Medical Engineering, University, Luebeck, Germany

Magnetic particle imaging is a method capable of determining the spatial distribution of super-paramagnetic iron oxide particles. For field generation and particle signal reception, a single-sided coil arrangement exists where the object of interest is positioned in front of a scanner head and not inside a scanning chamber. So far, a 1D-imaging device has been implemented which allows only for scanning a single line in space. In this contribution, different coil arrangements are shown, which extend the existing setup for 2D-imaging. Multi-dimensional single-sided MPI is the next step in development for small, hand-held or larger in-table MPI devices offering a broad field of applications.