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Abstract #3296

Improving the Imaging Quality in Magnetic Particle Imaging by a Traveling Phase Trajectory

Sven Biederer1, Timo Frederik Sattel1, Tobias Knopp1, Marlitt Erbe1, Thorsten M. Buzug1

1Institute of Medical Engineering, University of Luebeck, Luebeck, Germany

Magnetic Particle Imaging is a new tomographic imaging technique. For spatial encoding a field free point is moved along a trajectory, as for instance a Lissajous curve. Due to tuning of the transmit coils the density and repetition time are currently fixed. In this contribution a method is presented, which allows for changing the density or the repetition time, respectively. This is realized by using shorter trajectories with different relative phases. By combining multiple shorter trajectories various densities can be achieved. Thus, less dense trajectories or high dense trajectories can be used without retuning the system coils.