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Abstract #3366

NMR Based Metabonomic Approach to Understanding Metabolic Regulatory Variation Due to Acute Cold Stress

Sonia Gandhi1, Memita Devi1, Shubhra Chaturvedi2, Subash Khushu1

1NMR Research Centre, Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, Delhi, India; 2Division and Cyclotron & Radiopharmaceutical Sciences, Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, Delhi, India

Cold stress is responsible for affecting multiple biochemical regulatory systems & triggering cardiovascular & respiratory disorders, cognitive impairment, anxiety. Present study investigates the changes in metabolic profiles of urine in rats due to acute cold stress using NMR & multivariate statistical analysis (PCA). Results indicate up regulation of TCA cycle decreasing pyruvate, citrate, 2-oxoglutrate, succinate & fumarate concentration. Creatinine & Hippurate levels were reduced altering gut microbiota. Decreased aromatic amino acids & TMAO also supports kidney dysfunction. Noninvasive monitoring of various biochemical pathways can be done & these results can be used to develop strategies to sustain cold stress.