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Abstract #3377

Optimized Spectroscopic RARE at 7 Tesla Applied to Rat Brain in Vivo

Wolfgang Dreher1, Dieter Leibfritz1

1Dept. Chemistry, University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany

The fast spectroscopic imaging method spectroscopic RARE was implemented on a 7-Tesla animal scanner and applied to rat brain in vivo. It is shown that various experimental problems occurring at higher B0 can be eliminated and, compared to earlier results at 4.7 T, the potential of a higher signal-to-noise ratio and increased spectral resolution can be exploited. As increased spectral resolution requires a larger number of kΩ -encoding steps and thus a longer minimum total measurement time, the use of phase corrected spectra calculated from asymmetric kΩ -sampling is considered as an alternative to magnitude spectra calculated from symmetrically sampled kΩ -data.