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Abstract #3378

Short-Echo, Single-Shot, Full-Intensity 1H MRS of the Human Brain at 4T

Gulin Oz1, Ivan Tkac1

1University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, United States

Short echo times are advantageous for 1H MR spectroscopy because they facilitate quantification of metabolites with coupled spin systems and minimize signal loss due to T2 relaxation. A semi-adiabatic LASER sequence with short TE was developed and optimized for full intensity 1H MRS at 4T. Neurochemical profiles of the cerebellum and brainstem were measured in 23 healthy subjects using semi-LASER and STEAM pulse sequences. Neurochemical profiles acquired by these two techniques were nearly identical. A high correlation between metabolite concentrations quantified by these two techniques indicated the sensitivity to detect inter-subject variation in metabolite levels.